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Quick, healthy, sauce inspiration from around the world to spice up your cooking.

We’re all trying to eat healthily these days, but it can sometimes be a bit boring and slow. Over the last few years, I have switched to a predominately vegan/vegetarian diet, and this type of food often needs more than a simple vinaigrette to give it some flair. My secret to vamping up healthy eating is simple. A great sauce. Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about your béchamels or peppercorns! I’ve scoured the world from California to Mexico and Japan, for some of the easiest, punchiest, jaw droppingly delicious sauces, and brought them together into this book.

Want the secret to eating well? Give your food a bit of sauce.





It's a quiet Wednesday morning in Wellington, Florida and the sun is shining, as it does so effortlessly in this neck of the woods. I had been playing phone tag with my friend Martin for a couple of days, trying to organize a good time for me to meet him and take some pictures of the farm he rents just off Pierson Road in Wellington. This given week was particularly busy for the top showjumper, with multiple shows running concurrently. The coordination effort involved to manage and operate this schedule with different horses showing across 3 different venues is impressive. I’m quite honored that Martin has made it a priority to meet with me. Read the rest of the article here


Stabling with: Martin Fuchs 

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